Where to Buy Ralph Lauren Paint?

Earlier this year Home Depot stores across the country stopped carrying Ralph Lauren Paints.   For those who don’t know,  the Ralph Lauren Paint line is especially known for its color palette, and for its specialty coatings.   Their Regent Metallics, Suede Paint, River Rock, and Candlelight finishes are excellent and give designers, painters, and homeowners lots of possibilities for achieving that unique look.   It’s 100% acrylic latex – it’s not cheap paint – as you would expect with the Ralph Lauren signature.

And for the many who love their Ralph Lauren Paints, the Home Depot decision has caused quite a problem.      Where can I buy Ralph Lauren Paint? I’ve seen people complaining on blogs and forums.    I saw a lady at Home Depot who was beside herself because she needed some Ralph paint to finish a project she was in the middle of completing.    I wondered how many other people needed to touch up a spot, or finish a project they had started a month of two before – and now they were out of luck as the store they relied on to carry the paint they like and used,  well….  gave up the line – probably so they could sell more of their own store branded paint.    But I digress.

Anyway, the question remains.    Where can you buy Ralph Lauren Paint? Well,  currently no other big box store or large chain carries Ralph Lauren that I’m aware of, though there are a handful of independent paint stores that carry at least some of the line.    For those who don’t live near one of these dealers, there is a company on line that sells Ralph Lauren Paints.    They are World Paint Supply, and they’ll ship Ralph paint anywhere in the U.S.    Their prices are reasonable, so that’s good.

I have heard rumors that another big box may pick up the Ralph Lauren Paint line,  but we’ll see about that.   It seems like most of them are busy pushing their own brands, like Behr or Valspar, etc.   Yuck.   But you never can tell.    In the meantime look for your favorite Ralph color at your local  independent dealer or online at World Paint.

p.s.   For those interested in learning more about Ralph Lauren Paints,  the first place to start is probably their main website.     Their signature wall paint is labeled “Exceptional Quality” and is available in Flat, Eggshell, and Semi-gloss finishes.   The paint has good hide, and can be applied by brush, roller, or spayer.       The paint contains a mildewcide and is resistant to mold and fungus and all that kinda stuff.    The paint also has a lifetime warranty  (for what that’s worth).

There are many interesting techniques for applying Ralph paints – the specialty finishes in particular.    Regent metallic, Ralph Lauren Suede,   River Rock, and Candlelight (which is a topcoat)  are all specialty coatings that bring their own unique flavor to your project –  that is if you’re a bit bored with the traditional look.     In future posts I’ll probably touch on these.     In the meantime go browse some Ralph Lauren Paint colors here.

Bye for now!

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